Thursday, November 19th, 2015

3 fresh tips for decorating with holiday greenery


There’s nothing like a breath of fresh greenery to get us into the Christmas spirit.

One of our favorite days of the year is when our shipment of fresh holiday greenery arrives. As the fragrance fills the entire store, we all take in a deep breath and let out a collective “Ahhhhhhh – smells amazing!” What can we say? We’re obsessed.

Fresh greenery is a staple in holiday decor and is easily one of the oldest holiday traditions to date – with good reason. Fragrant, texturally appealing, and visually delighting, it’s a gift for all the senses. Working with fresh greenery is also effective for reducing anxiety, depression, anger, and fatigue. There’s just something about snipping away with our pruners and pulling together these green bundles of seasonal joy that makes us want to celebrate.

The best part: it’s so easy! Anyone can create greenery arrangements. All you need are some basic tools and a little inspiration. That’s why we’ve decided to host our very own free class on decorating with holiday greenery.

We’ll be hosting the class at Shelmerdine this Saturday, November 21 at 11 a.m. followed by an encore class later in the day at 2 p.m. Our florists will present endless possibilities for decorating with greenery – from outdoor urns and wreaths to indoor arrangements and centerpieces.

And did we mention it’s free?

In preparation, here are our experts’ top tips to ensure you get to enjoy the comfort of fresh greenery in your home all season long.

1. It’s all about the moisture

Stowed indoors, fresh greenery will last for about two weeks if the tips of sprigs are kept in wet floral foam. Avoid placing your arrangements in direct sunlight or near vents. Frequent misting also helps. Stowed outdoors, greenery will simply freeze and remain green until late February to early March. For longer lasting greenery, spray it with an anti-dessicant such as WiltPruf.

2. Go for the green

Only settle for the best and freshest greenery for your projects. Any greenery that is shedding its foliage or is yellowing will dry out quickly and be less fragrant. Our selection of greenery is replenished every Friday until Christmas.

3. Stop and smell the cedar

When it comes to fragrance, not all greenery is made equal. The most aromatic evergreens are balsam cedar and eucalyptus; therefore are best used in indoor arrangements. Pine, spruce, hemlock and juniper are less aromatic, thus better suited for outdoor urns and wreaths.

Need a little extra inspiration? Our florists create hundreds of custom arrangements, wreaths, and urns all season long – right before your eyes! Whether we create your fresh greenery arrangement for you or you enjoy arranging it yourself, a visit to our indoor forest will really spruce up your holidays.

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