It’s finally pumpkin season and we’ve never had so many cool pumpkins to incorporate in displays! From spooky shades of  white, black and grey, to various hues of orange, it’s almost impossible to pick just a few. From our unique specialty pumpkins, to hundred of tiny gourds and squash, our pumpkin patch is the place to be for all things fall. To celebrate this beautiful selection, we couldn’t help but get a little bit creative. Here are a few pieces of inspiration to take your pumpkins and gourds to new heights.



Instead of storing away your garden obelisk after your vines are finished for the season, use it to take your pumpkins and gourds up a level.

You can also pick out certain pumpkins that are more flat than others. Carefully stack each pumpkin on top of one another, starting with the largest on the bottom, working your way up to the smallest!

Try using a little bit of strong double sided tape between layers if you have trouble with the pumpkins falling over!



Can’t decide between colours, shapes or sizes? Mix them up! You may think that your pumpkin displays have to be perfectly suited to match each other, but we love to have a bit of variety! Throw a couple white and green pumpkins in with your classic orange for an extra burst of colour, or add one or two orange pumpkins to an otherwise muted display of neutrals.



Imperfections might be frowned upon for some things, but with pumpkins, we think it’s fun to find some with extra character! Not everybody likes the warty pumpkins, but they add some awesome interest to pumpkin displays, and every single one is completely different. In a display of smooth pumpkins, add a couple textured pumpkins for intrigue.


Well, what are you waiting for? Our Pumpkin Patch is teeming with hundreds of pumpkins for you and your little ones to come explore!