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The Fiddle Leaf Fig is one of the most striking indoor plants that’s gained much popularity over the years among plant lovers. This tropical plant is a focal point in any room, with large, glossy leaves on tree-like trunks. Native to the rainforests in parts of Africa, this beauty can be a little difficult to care for in a home environment. However, with some special care you can have a stunning, fast-growing Fiddle Leaf in your home!


One of the key care requirements for a fiddle leaf fig is having adequate light. These finicky plants need at least 6 hours of bright, filtered light each day. The best place for them is directly in front of a south or west facing window, with a sheer curtain to help avoid burning the leaves. This is the safest place for a fiddle, since low light conditions will cause the plant to stop growing or drop leaves.


Steady watering is vital to keeping your Fiddle Leaf happy and healthy! When the top inch of soil is dry, give the plant a big drink. These tropical plants always prefer a moderate amount of moisture in the soil, but don’t like to be overwatered. Overwatering can lead to root rot, which can easily kill the plant. On the other hand, underwatering will cause the leaves to lose their vibrant green colour and wilt. Finding the happy medium of moisture levels will help your plant thrive!


A well-draining potting mix is the best option for potting your fiddle leaf fig. They don’t need anything too special, but we recommend our Tropical Potting Mix for the best drainage and nutrients! It’s always a good idea to repot plants into a nursery pot with drainage holes, but if you are planting directly into a decorative pot, make sure to add some drainage stones into the bottom!


While some plants don’t have particular temperature preferences, the fiddle leaf fig is a little more picky. Fiddles need a warmer environment, and don’t like fluctuating temperatures. To keep this plant happy, it needs to be kept away from drafty windows, vents, and air conditioners.

Solving Plant Problems

Fiddle leaf figs do have their fair share of plant problems! Thankfully fiddles don’t have may serious pest issues, but they can be prone to spider mites and bacterial or fungal diseases. These issues can be recognized by spots or dark patches on the leaves.

Dark brown spots or browning edges can often be a result of root rot. Check to see if the plant is sitting in too much water, or if the roots are mushy. Trim away any rotten roots to avoid further damage! Brown spots can also indicate that the plant is experiencing uneven temperatures. Try to keep your fiddle leaf away from drafty windows, air conditioners, or vents.

Dropping and browning leaves can be a sign of either too much, too little, or inconsistent watering. Fiddle leaf fig trees do need consistently moist soil, but make sure it isn’t soggy or too dry.

Don’t Forget!

Unfortunately, this stunner isn’t pet friendly, and can be toxic to cats and dogs if ingested.

Don’t forget your Fiddle!

Join thousands of plant parents by adding this favourite house plant to your collection today, you won’t regret it!