With plants and flowers available in such a profusion of colours, it is easy to create a container to suit any space. There are several ways you can combine colour in a planter and which style you choose is completely up to you. Here are some suggestions:


Mono-crop is the style of filling a whole container with the same type of plant. This is the simplest design you can choose. More than one plant can be used to achieve a full look, especially if you have a larger container. This look is great to use if you want to add a pop of colour to a certain area in your yard. It’s also a great technique to bring attention to a special container. Just be sure to choose a plant that will flower continuously throughout the season.


Mono-colour is the next simplest design idea. This style uses only plants that have the same colour flowers. You can get colour variation by choosing flowers with different shades of the same colour. Because the colours will be from the same colour family, you don’t have to worry about the colours clashing. This style looks best in a neutral pot or one that matches your chosen colour.


Analogous colours are colours that are beside each other on a colour wheel. These colours traditionally mix very well together. If you are unsure of what a colour wheel looks like, you can easily find a picture of one on-line. Some examples of these types of colour combinations are yellow/orange, orange/red, blue/green, and blue/violet. Choose a neutral or complimentary pot for these types of containers.


Complimentary colours are colours that are across from one another on the colour wheel. These colours create contrast when used together and both colours will stand out magnificently. Some examples of these types of colour combinations are red and green, purple and yellow, and orange and blue. You should consider colour intensity when planting in this style. Try to pick flowers that have the same intensity- bright goes better with bright and pales should stick together. You can use your container as one of the colours- if you have a bright yellow container, try filling it with purple flowers.