Decorating for the holidays can be fun and easy. The world outside may appear frozen and lifeless but, by using greenery and some items gathered from nature before the snow falls, you can still have beautiful outdoor decorations. Decorating your door and front step is an inviting way to prepare for the holidays. Follow some of these suggestions to create your own unique look.

Spruce Tips

Spruce tips are white or black spruce that has been harvested while still small. They are found naturally and they regenerate themselves. They are usually sold in a variety of sizes.

Spruce tips are great for converting your annual planters or window boxes into seasonal displays. The first thing you will want to do is remove your old plants and top up the planters with soil, leaving about 2″ of space at the top. To achieve the look you desire you will probably want to buy an assortment of sizes. For window boxes try all one size. For planters, try to place a large one in the center and medium and small ones around the outside. Simply press the stem into the soil to secure it in place. You can also prune the tips to get the desired effect.

Additional Items

Using only spruce tips to decorate can look great if you’re going for a simple look, but why stop there? There are many other natural items that you can add in to create interest and depth. Take a walk around your yard and garden to see what might add some visual interest. Here are some ideas for other accents you can add:

  • Other evergreens, such as white or red pine
  • Pine cones of all shapes and sizes
  • Branches, especially those that add colour, such as Red Dogwood, Red Willow, or birch
  • Sweet Bay
  • Eucalyptus
  • Berries that have dried on the branch
  • Dried Hydrangea stalks
  • Sedum flowers
  • Rose hips

Finishing Touches

Once you have decorated and filled your planters with natural elements, you may choose to put on some finishing touches. Bows and ribbons are probably the most popular choice, but here are a few more suggestions to get you started:

  • Christmas lights
  • Christmas balls
  • Bells
  • Garland
  • Tinsel
  • Welcome or Holiday signs
  • Small statues

These are just suggestions; let your imagination guide you for a personalized look!