Even in well maintained yards bare patches can occur. These are unsightly and can detract from the lawn’s overall appearance, but they are easy to fix with a few simple steps. Whatever the reason for the bare spot, always remember that the most important step to ensure successful growth is to prep the area properly.

Step 1: Rake the Area to Be Seeded

Use a rake, landscape rake, or a thatching rake to loosen the soil to a depth of approximately three inches.

Step 2: Smooth Area to Be Seeded

Now level the area to be seeded. At this time also remove any debris, soil lumps, dead grass, and rocks. Add soil to level the area if necessary.

Step 3: Fertilize the Area

Broadcast seed starter fertilizer following package directions. If you are reseeding because of dog spots in spring, apply dolomite lime to neutralize the area.

Step 4: Broadcast Seed Over Area To Be Seeded

Seeding a smaller area requires “peppering” the seed over the soil. The seed should be scattered through the area, being careful not to get too much seed together in one area. Seeds should not touch.

Step 5: Press Seed into Soil

Ensure grass seed is in good contact with the soil by either raking or tramping gently. This will prevent the seed from getting blown or washed away.

Step 6: Watering

Water regularly to make sure the seed and soil stay moist. Sunny locations and dry weather will require you to water more frequently.