Container gardening has certainly grown in popularity over the last few years. If you do not have the space for a large garden, container gardening may be the answer for you. It is versatile and allows you to grow flowers and edibles in virtually any space. It is especially a great option for those who live in apartments, but have balconies. By using a combination of free standing and hanging containers, you can maximize the space that is available to you. Some people are unsure of how to get started in container gardening, but following these few tips on what containers to select is a great place to begin-


Almost anything that holds soil can be used as a container to grow plants. You may choose to go with containers that all have a similar style and colour, or you may choose an array of shapes and colours. What look you go for is completely up to you, just be sure to consider the next points before making a final decision. No matter how nice a pot or container looks, if it not ideal for your circumstances, you may end up being disappointed.


The most important thing is ensuring that the container you choose has adequate drainage. If your pot does not have drainage holes, you should make some. If you’re not able to because of the type of material the container is made of, it is not recommended to plant directly into that pot. You can always plant in a grower pot and then simply place inside of your decorative pot. Just be sure to empty the decorative pot after watering so that water does not build up allowing the roots to sit in water.


When selecting a container, size is important. If the pot is too small, your plants will become root bound and may not flourish. Also, the smaller a pot is, the faster it will dry out and the more it will require watering. On the other hand, if your pot is too big, and the roots are constantly in wet soil, this may damage your plants roots.

If you are growing vegetables, it is especially important that you choose a container that is large enough. There are several varieties of pots that are geared towards growing vegetables. These are available at your local garden centre. There are also hanging bags that save space. These are ideal for growing something like strawberries or cherry tomatoes.

After you have chosen the pots and containers that you want, be sure to use quality soil for filling them. Refer to the section on Container Soils and Fertilizers for more information.