Just because there is snow on the ground does not mean you have to forget about gardening. Take the time to decorate for the holidays and plan nest years garden. Use this winter gardening checklist as a reference.

  •  Create a winter urn with evergreen boughs, branches, and fresh holiday greenery.
  • Protect your concrete statuary and outdoor furniture with protective covers. Bring garden accents and ornaments into the garage.
  • Add gardening supplies to your holiday wish list.
  • Hang bird feeders and fill with seed, hang suet feeders.
  • Force indoor bulbs, paperwhites and amaryllis, for holiday blooms.
  • Request seed catalogues.
  • Plan design changes for next season’s garden.
  • Install and hang holiday lights before the snow comes. Be careful- the heat from bulbs can damage evergreens if lights are placed directly upon them.
  • Stock up on sidewalk grit and make sure your snow shovels and ice scrapers are ready.
  • It’s research season! Organize photos and notes about your garden, sign up for gardening blogs, and sign up for gardening courses.
  • Visit local conservatories, atriums, and garden centres.
  • Decorate the front door with wreaths, greenery, and cedar garland.
  • Take a look around your garden and make notes about what you need to plant in spring to add winter interest: shrubs with red twigs and berries, evergreen interest, etc.
  • Shovel extra snow onto tender plants, such as zone 3 and 4 plants, to give them an extra blanket of warmth over the winter.

Click here for a printable PDF of our Winter Gardening Checklist