Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

Grey Philodendron

Grey Philodendron

Hey Plant Pals! We’re back this week with another striking plant, the Philodendron Hastatum Grey, also known as ‘Silver Sword”. Appropriately named for its pointy, sword shaped foliage and shiny metallic finish, this is one plant that you don’t want to get on the wrong side of! Although this philodendron is becoming more common to find in greenhouses, it’s an endangered plant in the wild, as it’s losing its native habitat. So really, by growing one in your home you’re actually helping out the environment, right? As a fairly easy-care plant, this is one that every plant parent should want in their collection!


Lighting + Temperature

Like most philodendrons, Silver Sword prefers a location in your home where it can bask in lots of bright, indirect light. Fortunately, this versatile plant can even handle lower light situations , it will just grow more slowly! Native to the rainforest in Brazil, this plant is accustomed to warm weather and high humidity, try to aim for 50% humidity if you can. 


This tropical, vining plant will thrive in moisture and humidity. Silver Sword welcomes a regular watering schedule and can even handle some overwatering if you accidentally show it a little too much love. Water thoroughly when the top inch of soil is dry, and drain away excess water to prevent root rot!


The most important factor when potting a Philodendron Grey is to have the ideal balance of water retention and drainage.  Even though this tropical plant loves humidity and moisture, it still needs a well aerated potting mix to grow in. Try adding some coco coir and perlite to keep your Silver Sword growing strong!

Plant Problems

Although this is an easy care plant with few issues, it can still have some problems! If you notice drooping or yellowing leaves, its very likely due to over watering. Check the soil, and if it’s wet to the touch that means it’s been overwatered! Trim off the yellowing leaves and let is dry out completely before watering again. If you notice brown, crispy looking spots on the leaves, they’re probably sun burnt! This means that your Philodendron Grey is getting too much direct sunlight, move it further away from a window to avoid anymore scorch spots.

Fun Facts

Silver Sword can be a trailing or vining plant, and would love to have a moss pole or trellis to grow up! Having a support to the plant to vine up will usually help to grow larger leaves.

Even though you’ll want to show off this stunning plant, you should keep it out of reach or pets and children, as it can be toxic and cause irritation.

A real fighting plant!

Are you ready to try your hand at growing a Silver Sword Philodendron? 

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