By the time winter starts to recede, most of us are longing for a little colour in our surroundings! While spring is taking its time this year, our greenhouses are filled with rows and rows of bright, happy flowers to bring into your home like hydrangeas, orchids, azaleas, jasmine, chrysanthemums, and bromeliads that will help you make it through these last days of white and brown before the outdoors comes to life.  

Colourful flowers aren’t just a way to surround yourself with a little beauty and brighten up your space –flower power has positive effects on your mood and energy, too!

Pink tends to feel caring, joyful, and nurturing. Choosing red blooms can create a feeling of excitement and energy, and is even thought to have a positive effect on the immune system!

Orange and yellow are generally found to create feelings like optimism and happiness. These colours are also often associated with food, which means they might be the perfect choice for your kitchen or dining room.

While we love a brightly coloured bloom, we always have a soft spot for white flowers too. White makes your room feel clean, calm, and open, with a classic and timeless beauty.

And don’t forget about all that greenery that comes with your flowers! Green is one of the colours we love most, and it brings with it feelings of tranquility, health, and harmony. If you’re looking to create a calming or peaceful environment, green is the perfect colour to get you there.

See what colours are blooming in-store right now by browsing our Full Flower gallery!

Enjoy your blooms!