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The eyes need to eat too!

With #toast enjoying its time in the limelight, an easy, impressive summer brunch has never been easier to create.  Simply arm yourself with a hearty, crusty bread and inventive toppings and you’re on your way to an impressive and fun meal.   As with all things in life if you’re really hoping to step it up a notch, bring fresh flowers into the mix. Flowers make any occasion colourful, fresh, and undeniably festive.

What kind of flowers?

That’s up to you, just be sure they’re an edible variety. Here we used peonies and marigolds, but wild rose, chive blossoms, nasturtiums or pansies would be other great options.  To make this toast into a meal, we used use ricotta cheese, flower-infused honey and blueberries for a sweet treat. The culinary combinations are endless!

The loveliest part? Any leftover ingredients can be used to decorate the table.

Words + Photos by Sarah Carson @the.botanical