Dracaena, Limelight

It‘s not often that a colorful plant will tolerate lower light. Limelight is a slow grower and will not reach an unmanageable height. An occasional dropped or browning leaf is normal. Yellow and brown tipping of the leaves is quite common as they age. There are a number of causes for this: Allowing the soil to get too dry or too wet. Using water that is on the hard side. Using fertilizer at more than half the recommended strength can also cause burning.


Place your Limelight in filtered or indirect light Early morning or late evening sun is okay. The plant will tell you by losing its lime colour if it does not get enough light. Limelights can be acclimated to fairly low light levels as long as water is reduced with light.


Proper watering is the trick to keeping this plants full appearance. In low light water sparingly, allowing the top several inches of soil to dry down.


For optimum plant health, fertilize with an all-purpose houseplant food April through October, following label directions at half strength. For all other months, fertilize half as often.


West Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia

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