Consolea Rubescens

Hey plant friends! Welcome to our new plant of the week blog! Is anybody else reminded of The Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote when they see this funky cactus?! The Road Kill Cactus (Consolea Rubescens) is native to Mexico and is commonly found growing in desert areas. 

It’s easy to see how this cactus was so appropriately named, with its flattened paddles and a bumpy, spineless texture that looks like it has tire tracks running up and down each paddle!

This easy-care cactus is perfect for beginner plant parents, or busy plant lovers that still want something unique to look at in their windowsill!


Just like a desert environment, a Road Kill Cactus loves full sunlight and low humidity. Without ample sunlight, your cactus may drop some paddles, but don’t worry, you’ll just need to move it to a sunnier spot! 

How much sunlight is enough then? For a Road Kill to thrive, place it less than 3 feet away from a sunny south or west facing window! You may be lucky enough to see vibrant orange flowers on a Road Kill Cactus if it’s very happy.

Road Kill Cactus can be very prone to overwatering, so make sure you have it planted in a well-draining cactus mix, and water when the soil is completely dry.

Like most cacti, the Road Kill is non-toxic to pets, however the small spines can make them unsafe for pets if ingested.


If you notice the paddles are wrinkled, that is typically due to underwatering and your cactus needs a drink. But watch out for yellow, mushy paddles! This is a common sign of overwatering, and means that your cactus needs to completely dry out before you water it again. If the soil is very wet, you may want to consider repotting with fresh, dry soil to give your Road Kill a better chance. If you’re really worried about watering, we recommend investing in a moisture meter, they are truly one of the most underrated products you could own for plant care!

Get your own Road Kill Cactus today!

Well? Are you ready to try your hand at this one of a kind cactus?