For some it’s just not Christmas without a live Christmas tree! We stock many types of Christmas trees every season. Read on to find out a bit about each and decide which one is right for you:

Scotch Pine

A medium green colour with a more open appearance than that of other trees. It is a traditional choice for Christmas trees. The Scotch Pine has needles that are somewhat sharp to the touch, but has the ability to hold its needles even when dry. Because of its more open appearance, this is a good choice if you want to use large ornaments.

White Pine

A bluish-green colour with lush, full branches. The needles are long, soft, and flexible. The flexible branches may not hold heavier ornaments well, but are excellent for small or light ornaments. White pine will retain their needles well if kept properly watered.

Sheared Balsam

A beautiful dark-green colour with airy, flexible branches. It has an attractive form and holds its needles OK. The Balsam Fir has an attractive form and is typically very thick and full. It will fill the room with a pleasant fragrance and is the most fragrant Christmas tree.

Fraser Fir

A soft silvery-green colour with 1″ needles and space between the branches. It holds heavier ornaments well. It is easier to decorate than some other varieties of trees because of the spacing between the branches. The Fraser Fir has excellent needle retention if it is kept well watered. This variety of tree grows to a near perfect shape and is very fragrant. This is one of our favourite Christmas tree types!

Noble Fir

A soft blue-green colour with soft needles on evenly spaced branches. It has an almost spruce-like appearance. The strong branches are perfect for holding heavy ornaments. The Noble Fir retains its needles well and has a pleasant fir scent.

Grand Fir

A dark green, shiny appearance with graceful branches. The needles have silvery undersides that reflect Christmas lights beautifully. The Grand Fir has a powerful citrus-like aroma. Its strong scent is due to the constant release of moisture from the tree, so it is especially important to watch the water level in the tree stand if you choose a Grand Fir.

Nordman Fir

A glossy dark green colour with symmetrical branches. The branches are perfect for holding heavy ornaments. With very little scent, this is often a good choice for those sensitive to other heavily scented trees. Nordman Firs have the best needle retention and are one of the longest lasting Christmas trees if kept properly watered.

Colorado Spruce

An attractive bluish-grey colour that may also appear silvery. It has a nice pyramidal shape with strong branches that can hold heavy ornaments well. It has four sided needles that are sharp. The Colorado Spruce does not have good needle retention.

With so many different Christmas tree types available, you’re cure to find one that suits your needs! Shelmerdine carries a wide range of decorations for your tree and home, both inside and out. When you come to get your tree, walk through our gift shop and greenhouse- you’ll find something for every taste and style.