Seasonal Container Designer

The role of the Seasonal Container Designer is to produce high quality, creative, and profitable container designs for each seasonal change while under the direction of the Retail Greenhouse Manager and Commercial Grower.  This position oversees two streams of production; 1) Custom Designs For Clients, and 2) Container Production For Retail. These production streams will be described in detail below.

Custom Designs For Clients
Shelmerdine is fortunate to have a list of affluent clients for whom we design and deliver seasonal containers.
The successful Seasonal Container Designer has the opportunity to significantly grow this client list.

  • pre-season consultation with clients to understand their design needs and wants, budget, and other considerations.
  • arranging for pickup and storage of clients containers, or scheduling on-site planting.
  • secure necessary plants and materials needed to execute container designs within our greenhouse.
  • schedule on-time delivery of clients containers using Shelmerdine delivery service.
  • invoice and collect payment from clients.
  • follow up with clients a few weeks post delivery to check on the health of their containers.
  • maintain organized client files with notes, past invoices, photos, dates, etc.
  • the goal is to provide custom designs for clients four seasons per year: Spring, Fall, Holiday, and Winter.

Container Production For Retail
The Seasonal Container Designer will be responsible for providing the Shelmerdine Retail Greenhouse with a volume of grab-and-go designer containers. These containers must be produced in a highly efficient manner, using additional staff to execute them. It is the responsibility of the Designer to lead, oversee, and participate in this production. In addition to delivering quality planters by their deadline dates, the Seasonal Container Designer will also ensure that they are effectively displayed, maintained, and restocked, in coordination with the Retail Greenhouse Manager. It is the responsibility of the Designer to maintain an understanding and knowledge of their costs and inventory of supplies, containers, and plant material, and that any inventory needs are communicated to the buyers 6-12 months prior to their need for them.

Container Production volume is as follows (approximately):

  • Mothers Day Baskets (qty 600-700)
  • Spring Color Planters (qty 300-400)
  • Fall Color Planters (qty 100)
  • Holiday Planters (qty 200-300)


  • Horticulture: 2 years minimum
  • Driver’s License
  • Design Experience and Creativity
  • Must be able to work independently and have a great understanding of time management to meet deadlines
  • Pleasant demeanor and amazing customer service is a priority

Applicants Must Be:

  • Organized
  • Efficient
  • Observant of details
  • Proactive and self motivated
  • Able to communicate clearly
  • Positive-minded
  • Able to work during all weather conditions
  • Able to endure physical tasks for 8+ hours per day
  • Able to lift 50lbs
  • Flexible with schedule throughout the year

Job Description: Part-time Seasonal
16 hours/week: March, April
40 hours/week: May, June
8 hours/week: July, August
16 hours/week: September, October
40 hours/week: November
16 hours/week: December
0 hours/week: January, February