Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Every year thousands of people in Winnipeg look forward to decorating their Christmas tree. This tradition can be special and fun for people of all ages. There is no right or wrong way to decorate your tree- if you and your family enjoy it then it has been done correctly! Many people choose to decorate their tree in the same fashion every year. However, you may be looking for some new ideas or inspiration to change things up a little this year. Here are some suggestions to spark your creativity:


Lights are a major part of almost all Christmas trees, but have you considered using only lights to decorate your tree? You can mix many colours and sizes. A lot of Christmas lights can be programmed to blink in a certain pattern and this alone can make a dazzling Christmas tree display. If you decide to forgo the decorations and use only lights, be sure to put on two or even three times as many as you would normally use.


An easy way to choose what decorations you are going to use is to pick a theme. If you have an abundance of decorations you can simply ask, “Does this ornament fit with my theme?” Absolutely anything you want can become a theme– birds, Santa’s workshop, angels, snowmen…. The list is only limited by your imagination! Because your theme will tie everything together, you don’t have to have decorations that match.


A variation on the theme idea is to pick one, two, or three colours to decorate your tree with. Red, green, silver, gold, blue, and white are all traditional choices and you will have no trouble finding decorations in these hues, if you don’t already have them.

More Colours

Or, pick non-traditional colours that suit your decor or personal style. Bright colours stand out and make a statement! If you can’t find the colours you were hoping for, you can re-vamp old decorations or make your own. Try painting old decorations in vibrant shades, gluing on colourful sparkles or sequins, and changing drab hangers for vivid ribbons and bows.

Heritage Tree

Decorate your tree to reflect your family’s heritage. Buy flag garlands, or create your own. Use decorations that showcase items associated with your country of origin. For simple “filler” decorations buy Christmas baubles in the same colours as your country’s flag.

Edible Tree

Candy canes are a popular Christmas tree decoration, especially with children who find them hanging on the tree. Create a whole tree filled with sweets as a surprise for children of all ages! You can string your own garland out of berries and popcorn. Many Christmas chocolates come wrapped in pretty foil and you can string a hanger through these using a needle. Try baking gingerbread men or using cookie cutters to make other festive cookies. These can be a lot of fun for children to decorate. This is a great idea for a tree at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Just be sure to keep edibles out of the reach of pets!

Natural Tree

Try decorating your tree with things found outside. Dried berries can be used to string your own garland. Pinecones look lovely with a festive ribbon tied to the top as a hanger. Dried flowers can be used to add some extra colour. Fresh greenery can be purchased from your local garden centre. Take a walk around your garden and yard to find some inspiration.

Children’s Tree

Most children love Christmas time and helping decorate the tree can mean a lot to them. Having your children or grandchildren create the decorations for the tree will include them in the decorating process even more. Have various craft supplies ready for them to use. You can have a few simple decorations prepared for them to make or just let them create on their own. Children are very creative, so see what they think up on their own!

These suggestions are meant as a guideline- any hobby or interest can be turned into a theme or decorations for your tree. As previously mentioned, there is not a right or wrong way to decorate your tree. Try out different styles until you find one that suits you and your family!

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