When all your summer flowers begin to fade and die, it’s hard not to feel a twinge of regret over the passing of the season and its many bright blooms. You can still keep your garden or front step looking great throughout the changing season with fall chrysanthemums.

Fall mums will provide you with weeks of additional colour and there are many colours to choose from. If decorating your whole yard with fall mums, it is best to buy a variety. Buy some big, some medium, some small and choose an array of colours. Colours range from pale pinks to vibrant purples, bright yellows to deep oranges, radiant reds to dark burgundies, and creamy whites. If your yard is large it may not be practical to place flowers over the entire area. Instead, concentrate on one or two small groupings on your step or drive. Look around to see what colours would be the most flattering in your setting.

Aside from providing great colour, mums are easy to place. They can be left in the pot you purchased them in and don’t need to be planted. You can place them inside of the same containers that you used for your annuals. If you want to place them in the ground, you can place the pot in an existing hole and just use mulch to cover the pot. Doing this makes it look great, but the plants will still be easy to remove once they have been bitten with frost.

Mums are a great way to decorate for fall and they go well with many other traditional decorations. Try placing them with pumpkins, gourds, grasses, or any other seasonal decoration!

To keep your mums looking great throughout the fall, the only thing you will have to do is keep them watered. They do not need to be kept consistently moist, but they should not be allowed to dry out. Mums should not be fertilized after they begin to flower and there is also no need to remove the old flowers. Simply enjoy them while they last!