As we put our gardens to rest for the winter, it’s time to turn our focus to gardening activities indoors. Growing bulbs indoors, or ‘forcing’ them, is one the funnest ways to do this! ‘Forcing’ a bulb essentially means coaxing it into producing a shoot, stem and flower outside of its regular environment and schedule. With just a little bit of sunshine, warmth and attention, you’ll enjoy gorgeous paperwhite, amaryllis, and hyacinth blossoms!

Here’s are our step-by-step guide to growing bulbs indoors:



Keep your bulbs away from warmth and sunlight up until you’re ready to force it into growth. When you examine your bulbs, it will be very clear to see where the root meets the bulb. As long as the roots are kept moist, your bulb will be encouraged to grow. You have 2 options here – you can either plant your bulbs in some well-draining potting soil, or you can set them into a soiless bulb vase, whereby only its roots touch the water. Remember — this will be the container you display your bloomed arrangement in, so choose wisely! At this stage, set the bulbs in moderate light and in a cooler spot.


The fun part! Once the sprouts begin to emerge, move the plant to brighter light and a slightly warmer spot if possible. Remember to check its water daily and to rotate it each time you check it. This will encourage an upright growth pattern, rather than it leaning towards the light. 


After a few weeks, you’ll notice the plants beginning to fill out. Now is the time to move them to a bright, sunny location with a temperature of about 18° C. Any warmer, and the flowering time may reduce. Once the flowers open, move them out of direct sunlight — this will help the flowers to last longer. Enjoy your gorgeous blooms and continue to water them until they expire. Many gardeners enjoy storing their bulbs from year to year. Simply place the spent bulb into a paper bag with some lightly dampened peat moss, and store it away in a cool, dark spot until next winter.

We hope you get as much joy out of growing bulbs indoors as we do!

Shelmerdine Paperwhite Bulbs