Turn Your Space Into a Spa

Treat Yourself

It may not always be easy to find time to treat ourselves to the spa, but it is easy to transform a bathroom space into one. Just a few simple materials can help you create your very own wellness and relaxation retreat — right in the comfort of your very home.

This time of year tends to be slower-paced than others — making it the perfect time of year to slow your mind down and recharge. We have a few ideas that will help you make over your bathroom into the ideal rejuvenation centre — no renovations necessary. From choosing scents for the senses to creating just the right ambience using only candlelight and storing essentials. Here are our top tips to help you bring the spa home with you this winter.

Inhale, exhale, and say “Ahhhh.

  • Create an immediate sense of peace and clarity by keeping everything in your bathroom area tucked away. Think storage drawers, wicker baskets, mason jars, trays, on hooks or atop racks.
  • Choose at least one vase in which to keep either a single stem flower or an entire arrangement.
  • Enhance the level of tranquility by choosing a calming, neutral colour scheme.  Blues, greens, browns or greys  are great when selecting your essentials and bath linens.
  • Find natural cleansing materials to help you make the most of your bath time. Sea sponges and hemp washcloths, which should be kept dry between uses, help clean and exfoliate the body. Mineral salts and essential oils help soften and purify the water.
  • Use river stones to help relieve sore muscles and joints in the body or warm up bath towels for use after bathing. These stones can be heated in the microwave or placed in boiling water. Try using a silk eye mask and neck warmer for added comfort.
  • Evoke a feeling of serenity and utter calm through the use of dim lighting, candles, plants. For an added scent-sation, bring a pot of mint or rosemary and lavender to a boil over the stove. This will help increase humidity in the home while also helping you achieve that spa-like fragrance. You’ll also benefit from the natural effects of essential oils. This L’Essentielle Lampe Berger Kit contains many essential oils that help purify the air.
  • Stay hydrated by indulging in an abundance of hot herbal tea as well as water infused with herbs, fruits, and cucumbers.
  • Your spa experience doesn’t end at the bathroom door. Take your health and wellness retreat into the bedroom by spritzing your bed with our favourite Lavender Sleep Spray. Considered by many to be the most versatile of essential oils, lavender is a wonderful aid for relaxing and calming the mind before bedtime.