Shelmerdine Garden Center Ltd. is private property and maintains a strict policy against the use of its property (all interior spaces, exterior grounds, etc.) for unauthorized professional, amateur or commercial photography/videography purposes, or professional social media influencers.

PHOTO SHOOTS FOR PROFESSIONAL OR AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHY – Please contact our Marketing Manager at regarding professional or amateur photo shoots. Approval/consent must be given prior to any photo shoot. A minimal fee may be charged for use of Shelmerdine Garden Center and its property (interior spaces, external grounds, etc). If approval is given and payment is received in full, the following guidelines must be followed.

  • Shelmerdine Garden Center Ltd. has the right, at its sole discretion, to withhold or withdraw consent to photograph and video (or to reproduce photographs or video) of Shelmerdine Garden Center Ltd. and related properties.
  • Photographer must not, in any way, inconvenience customers of Shelmerdine Garden Center Ltd.
  • Photographer will not obstruct any thoroughfare with model staging or equipment but instead will protect foot traffic areas for the benefit of Shelmerdine customers and employees.
  • Photography time will be negotiated between Shelmerdine Garden Center Ltd. and photographer/clients.
  • No defacing of Shelmerdine Garden Center Ltd. property including but not limited to, attaching to interior/exterior walls, moving of amenities such as benches and planters.
  • Use of merchandise sold at Shelmerdine Garden Center Ltd. for photography props is not allowed. Removal of tags and labels on merchandise is considered theft unless purchased prior to the photo shoot.
  • Signs, carts, and displays cannot be moved without consent of the Owners, General Manager or Marketing Manager of Shelmerdine Garden Center Ltd.
  • Shelmerdine Garden Center Ltd. is not responsible for damage to any photography equipment or client property.

The following policies and guidelines are not meant to be restrictive, but simply to help avoid operational challenges, space conflicts and interruption for customers utilizing our property. They are also meant to protect the security and proprietary nature of Shelmerdine Garden Center Ltd.

Photographer must sign a liability form prior to any photo shoot taking place.