Hey plant lovers! If you already own a few houseplants, and are ready to turn your space into an indoor jungle. By now you know that plants are an important part of interior design.  Before heading to the greenhouse, think about how you’re going to style your plants. Today we want to give you a peek into our thought process for choosing plants, pots, stands, and more fun planty stuff

Here are our top tips for effortless plant styling at home:


Decide on the exact spot where you plan to place your new plant. Is it in a corner, on a shelf, perhaps hanging from the ceiling or sitting on a coffee table? Once you’ve chosen the spot, examine it! Are there vents nearby which could potentially dry out the plant? Is it near a busy path where it could get knocked over? What are the light conditions of this spot low, medium, bright, or direct light? Make notes and bring them into to our plant experts so that we can recommend the perfect plant for the perfect spot!


How much space do you have for your new plant? If you have ample space, choose a plant that is of ample size so that it’s in proportion to its space. I love the statement an oversized plant or even tree makes. These should be paired with smaller plants. Large plants and trees are great for bare corners and awkward transitions between furniture too! Are you limited for space? Plant stands, hanging plants, and macramé wall hangings planters with a trailing variety inside are very cool again and take up very little space. Ideally, we’re looking for playful interest and variety.  If it’s sitting on a coffee table, you might want something low or small, like a dishgarden of succulents.


The pots contribute almost as much style to a room as the plants growing (or pretending to grow) in them! So don’t overlook your planters. I look for modern shapes and patterns. Containers with straight sides generally feel more modern than ones that flare out at the top like a traditional flower pot. Have fun with your planters – choosing the right style is just as important as finding the right plant for your space! I’ve found brass containers in reclamation yards that look great with a kentia palm potted inside it. Planters are the most on-trend way to show off your plants. Take inspiration from your room colour in choosing the best pot for your plant. It’s a real opportunity to pull a room scheme together. Think of them as you would a cushion, by mixing print and pattern together in similar tones or colours.


for the longest time there was a stigma against fake plants. Incredibly realistic plants mix in nicely with your real ones.


There are 2 approaches you can take towards groupings. When grouping together, always go for the rule of odd numbers – in threes or fives. It just works – and looks – better. Grouping gives a greater impact to the space. For a minimal, uniform look pick the same variety of plant – for example orchids. But if you want to group together along a mantelpiece, go for a mix of different heights and styles of plants – mixing up leafy with spikes.


In addition to choosing plants and pots of different sizes, I try to place them at different heights in a room. This allows the trailing plants to hang down, while others send spikes upward. It’s all about creating visual interest. This applies not only to book shelves, but to the whole room. I like to hang plants from the ceiling, place them on end tables & nightstands, window sills, mantels, wall shelves, etc.


Amazing tips from our friend Planterina in this video – enjoy!