Peace Lily

These are one of the few foliage plants that will flower in low light. Once the flower turns brown, remove the flower stalk at the base of the plant. Also, remove any yellow leaves that may occur from time to time at the soil level. Its wide leaves accumulate dust. Wipe leaves regularly with a damp cloth to clean.


Peace lily will survive low interior light but would prefer bright filtered light. Peace lily should not be placed in direct sun or it will sunburn. Tip: semi-shade in summer and bright light (not direct sun) in winter is ideal. An east, west, or shaded south-facing window is also ideal.


When watering, soak the plant from the top of the pot until water runs out of the drainage holes, and then just allow the soil surface to approach dryness before soaking once again. Excessive drying out or too much watering can cause the plant to wilt and the leaf edges to yellow. When watering, use room temperature water.


For optimum plant health, fertilize with an all-purpose houseplant food April through October, following label directions. For all other months, fertilize half as often.


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